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What to do when you lose your job

What to do when you lose your job

Someone once came to Social Media to rant about how her employers logged her out of the office systems and mailing list without prior notice. She sounded very casual, but deep down she was broken.

It is usually a very hurtful feeling to have your source of income, no matter how minuscule, taken away from you. Especially with no prior notice or heads up.
It irks me why organisations would do this. Even if its a mail, text message, phone call or something at least a few weeks before said date.
If you have been terminated from work voluntarily or involuntarily, especially during this period where companies are downsizing, packing up and closing shop, we understand how helpless you feel right now.

Here are some things you could do while waiting for another business opportunity.

1. First of all breathe. This is for people who feel like the carpet has been forcefully removed from under them. Please breathe. Realistically speaking, there will always be a way. This isn’t some ”motivational talk”. It really happens. You always have to breathe and keep that hope alive. It’s not easy, that’s why you have to do it. It’s easier to wallow in your sadness and fall into a self-harming habit. However, it’s harder and more rewarding to keep the hope alive and be alert to seize opportunities as they come.

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2. Your Circle should consist of people who remind you of how smart you are. Being around negative people would definitely bring your spirit down. Sometimes these negative people don’t even realize they’re being negative. Once you get this feeling, reduce the amount of time you spend with these people.

3. Get to work. Start TALKING and NETWORKING. Don’t just waste time or data. Shoot professional shots in the DMs of recruiters, CEOs etc. Many of them may not reply, but at least one person would. Focus on that.

4. Take advantage of Paid/free online courses: depending on how financially buoyant you may be, there are many online courses you could take that would help you get ready for another line of work if that’s your choice. Get yourself acquainted with changes in the corporate world. Learn skills that matter and take on tasks that test these skills you have learned.

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5. Revamp your CV. You don’t have to break the bank to do this. There are many people that are into the professional CV writing business. Go through their works and look at reviews from others. Having a CV that stands out is very important when you’re out of work and seeking employment elsewhere.

6. Lastly, you MAY start a business. Now this one is very tricky. People don’t just jump into businesses like that. But if you have a solid funding source (please DO NOT TAKE LOANS) like parents or other family members, you could use this opportunity to start an in-demand business. For example, Food/Foodstuffs never go out of demand all year round. A very good business idea.

Finally always maintain a positive countenance and hope for the best. We all deserve nothing less than the best.

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