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What it means to have strong communication skills

What it means to have strong communication skills

We have seen it and heard individuals say it. Everyone supposedly has ”strong communication” skills. But when it comes down to actually expressing those skills, can you prove yourself worthy?

First of all can you hold a conversation? Now when people talk about being able to communicate, you might think it’s all about being very smart or above average academically. Honestly, it’s just about taking charge during a conversation.

For example, you’re at a social gathering, and social gatherings are a great way to expand your network. If your communication skills are top notch, then you should be able to strike up conversations with people. Even though you don’t know them. Now please don’t go around asking people awkward questions. You could start from whatever the topic of the gathering is, or just compliment the person you’re trying to strike up a conversation with.
These are just few conversation starters.

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If you want to improve your communication skills, you should take the time to read articles, update yourself on major happenings around the world. Try to get BASIC knowledge of major topics like business, a little bit of politics, tech, finance, entertainment and other stuff you know people would likely be talking about at gatherings.
Try to also steer the conversation. Don’t leave the talking for the other party alone. Chip in once in a while. When you’re asked what you think about a topic, just say a little bit about it. Don’t talk too much. People, especially people that have a lot of knowledge, do not always talk to much.
If you’re conversing with someone and you think you both may likely arrange another meeting, please save some topics for your next meeting, else you run out of what to say again.


Lastly, improve your vocabulary. Do not come off as snobbish by whipping out your phone when someone is trying to make conversation with you.

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When you practice these few tips consistently, your communication skills would definitely improve over time.

As a bonus tip, if you’re the shy type, take deep breaths before walking up to someone. Have it in mind that the highest form of embarrassment you could receive is that the person may just walk off. Their loss. But always have an open mind.

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