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We are tired of adjusting and “getting used” to it

We are tired of adjusting and “getting used” to it

Thousands of Nigerian Youth have been out on the streets of major areas in the country, protesting against police/SARS brutality.

For many years now, men of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) have harrassed, extorted, brutalized and murdered innocent youth whose only crime is to break out of the vicious cycle of poverty and unemployment created by the government.

One too many individuals have experienced a form of brutality in the hands of these men and yet nothing is done. Each year, the Inspector General of Police disbands SARS but they bounce back once the noise dies down.

You may ask, how can a tiny and irrelevant unit of the Nigerian Police have so much power that even an executive order from the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is disregarded flagrantly?

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The answer lies in the system! There is a very deep rot in the Nigerian system that has eaten deep into the conscience of the leaders.

This mentality of “make I chop my own comot”, is the kind of mentality that Nigerian politicians and political godfathers have and have passed on to even the “well-meaning politicians”.

It is very hard if not impossible, to put oneself in the shoes of a police officer to understand what prompts them to act this way. Unfortunately, there is no excuse, nor is there any benefit of the doubt to be given to an inhumane group of people who so far have SHOT and killed 10 PEACEFUL protesters in Lagos and Oyo states. There is no room for any reform or dissolving of this rogue unit of the Nigerian Police. There is only an END! And an end we must have!


Every injustice done in this country, every unfair increment in price of commodities, every wicked bill that has been passed against the freedom and comfort of the Nigerian people, have been met with JUST talks. We complain for a week or two and then adjust to it. Who would have thought that Nigerians could survive the over 200% increase of the price of fuel? But we adjusted, doubled our hustles and we still keep moving.

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The youth have suffered enough! They go to school, graduate and meet the same set of people in office for years. No change, no employment if you don’t have the “connections”. Technology improved and they started shifting from the norm. Working from home as designers, software engineers, data analysts, tech founders and the likes, still it’s not enough but they manage.
Then they believe they aren’t supposed to be this successful, how dare the youth?

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“How can they use their tech skills to make money that equates our full year’s salary, in a month?”

There is no EXCUSE for a man who uses his authority to oppress and kill innocent citizens whose only crime is to demand their freedom and right to LIVE.

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