Ways to motivate your employees

If you run or want to run a functional and fast growing organization, the best way to achieve this is by investing in your workforce. A well motivated workforce will put on their A-game at work always and carry out their duties satisfactorily.

Sometimes, it’s really baffling when you hear employers who always threaten their employees and keep them on their toes for the whole month! The end result of this method of “motivation” is that such employer will keep employing new staff at least 4/5 times in a year. Let’s assume this is just a “threat” and a tactic to make them scared of losing their jobs, they will definitely take your word for it and find ways to exit the company before you “dismiss” them!


You’ve conducted interviews and employed some of the best talents out there. How you treat them in the next couple of months determine how long they would last in your company and the quality of work they would churn out. Here are some ways to motivate your employees and get them to put in their best:

  1. Recognise a job well done: this is important especially when a low performer puts in great work to significantly improve their performance. Recognising outstanding performance gives employees a sense of importance. They know their impact is felt and their hard work actually counts for something beyond their monthly stipend. This gives them a sense of belonging. They aren’t just there to breeze in and breeze out, they are part of a process and their contribution matters in the grand scheme of things. This is how an employee feels when you praise their job well done.
  2. Break big goals into smaller chunks: you can help your team achieve set targets by breaking them down into smaller targets. When you have a sales team whose target is calculated in figures every month, it looks unachievable when thrown at them like that. But when you break those figures down into weekly or even daily targets, it becomes more realistic and even helps them meet and surpass their stipulated targets.
  3. Always explain the reason behind your actions: your employees are humans not robots. As a manager, your job is to take decisions on behalf of the company, not for the company. The difference is that you’ve considered how the decision affects your employees when you’re doing it on behalf of the company.
  4. Figure out what makes your employees excited: it could be a monthly get together or outings organised by the company. It could be team bonding activities. Figure it what gets them talking and relaxed.
  5. Create a healthy work environment where employees can thrive and be the best in their own ways.
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