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The Office should be a calm space, not a battleground

The Office should be a calm space, not a battleground

Sometimes you come to the office and there’s one feud going on after another. It has now become the norm. If there isn’t one probe going on, it’s a witchhunt or an accusation it just one negative thing.

This situation makes it dreadful for other people whose aim is to come in, do their job and leave. When one thinks of going to the office you start having knots in your stomach. The thought alone of being in that kind of environment makes you sick.

It is not just the job of the HR Manager to make the workplace a healthy environment to focus and be creative, the onus is also on employees as well. Yes differences may occur but everything should not be acted on. Some things are better left unescalated.


Rules should be put in place to discipline defaulters. Noise should be limited. If the feud is between the senior staff, they can settle it without the knowledge of other employees. Sides should not be taken, this will definitely reduce productivity and encourage disrespect.

All members of staff should work together to make the office space comfortable for everyone. Everyone has a part to play. When you hear news that could lead to unnecessary squabbles, please do not spread. Especially when it’s unfounded.

When you notice a negative attitude of a fellow staff, please keep it to yourself. Except it is an outright violation of company rules, it doesn’t have anything to do with you.

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Do not put yourself in any compromising position. Avoid every sort of feud at all costs as an employee.

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