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Stop reducing yourself to appeal to people

Stop reducing yourself to appeal to people

You probably do not know when you do this, but you definitely do it.

Sometimes we feel like if we present a lesser version of ourselves to people, it would either make them accept us or we would force the ”grass-to-grace” story on ourselves which is supposed to make us feel better about being privileged in a world that is filled with people who aren’t.

You have wealthy parents/family members who gave you a solid start in life and probably loaned you a lot of money at a certain age and you’re already achieving stuff while most of your peers may be juggling different jobs just to make ends meet. Then during hang outs with your peers, the discussion comes up and you feel like you’re obligated to ”feel what they feel” when they talk about struggles. Please STOP.


There is no joy or special reward for people who had to struggle to make it in life, why then would you want to ”know how it feels”? While struggle or hardship is one aspect of building character, there are a million and one people who survived hardship and still have shitty attitudes. On the other hand there are even more people who enjoyed privilege from parents or other extended family members and did not have to suffer hardship, who have excellent habits and attitudes.

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It’s all a matter of choice. Humans are creatures of THOUGHT. We don’t just become haughty or condescending like that, we must have thought of it, analyzed it and decided to tow that line.

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If you were lucky enough to have the right people in your corner and you have friends that could still be struggling, help them. Tell them what they need to do, places they need to go to, people they need to meet. Do not reduce yourself or achievements because you think they would think you’re condescending. Sell yourself at every opportunity you get. Every achievement of yours gives you bragging rights. Stop shortchanging yourself.

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