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Office Love Affairs: Yay or Nay

Office Love Affairs: Yay or Nay

Have you ever had a crush on a colleague? Then you are not alone. World lovers’ day is just around the corner and this thought has been lingering on my mind. It is possible to find love at the workplace, but should it be encouraged or discouraged?

A lot of organizations uphold strictly the “No office romance “ policy that forbids employees from having an intimate relationship, which is a lot stricter today than it was in 2005 according to the SHRM workplace romance survey of HR professionals. People tend to look at workplace romance as a fluffy topic however, most organizations have stood their ground on the forbidden love affair amongst their employees and most of them do so in order to avoid sexual harassment claims and to ensure there is no favoritism or conflict, which could hurt productivity and impact morale.


Most love affairs get to the knowledge of the management through a colleague of the employees involved or a tipster, and some organizations have set up measures to reprimand violators. Some of the measures include suspension of both parties, the firing of both parties, and even retirement of one of the parties. The truth remains that despite these standing policies, employees still engage in office love affairs but this time has learned to keep it out of sight.

So as an employee do you think being in love with your colleague would affect your job and impair your judgment?

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As an employer do you think the no love affair policy is effective or could there be other measures to help employees manage their emotions without affecting their jobs?

Let us know what your thoughts are in the comment session below.

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