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An acquaintance once found it difficult to stick to one course. If she started something and literally a month later, she hadn’t mastered that skill or business, she would lose interest and jet! Then if the same thing happened to another idea she had and was working on, she would flee from it too and move onto the next one.

This isn’t right in any ramification. When you’ve decided to do something because you feel you would be good at it or to diversify your income or for whatever reason you started in the first place, please cut yourself some slack. Give yourself time. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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You see experts in their different fields during interviews, talk about how many years it took them to perfect a certain skill or to achieve a certain height in their business and you think those years are a waste? Those years made them! Literally.
If you want to skip the journey and jump straight to the part where you’re an expert and people are looking up to you, then you really do not know what you’re doing in business.

Then we have the age factor too. Many people want to rush and “blow” before they’re 30! If you focus on whatever it is you’re learning now and you’re like 25/26, you will definitely have reached above average level by the time you’re 30.
Look at it this way, whether you start now or not, you will still reach 30. That’s why they say time waits for no man. So start and FOCUS.
When you see opportunities to network with people in the upper echelon, please do. It will get you “there” faster than when you’re on your own.

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