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MY OFFICE DIARIES: When you hear rumors about yourself in the Office.

MY OFFICE DIARIES: When you hear rumors about yourself in the Office.

You are in luck if you haven’t been in this situation.
Have you ever worked in an organization where you come to the office each day with one new story about yourself? And you keep trying to figure out how these ideas cropped up as a topic of discussion in the office?

Of course, we all know the obvious assumption some people would have about ladies especially the ones that are single or that are single mothers. Even males aren’t excluded from this.

Someone once confided in me how he always heard that people in the office thought he impregnated a lady somewhere and that was why he wasn’t yet married at his age.
Another lady that works in a very reputable company used to hear the tales of the different non-existent men she had supposedly slept with in the organization.


Sometimes, it’s mind-boggling how insensitive people can be when it comes to these matters. Even the ones who run with the story and purposely spread them for reasons best known to them are as guilty as the masterminds.

How do you act when you find yourself in this situation?

As humans, our first instinct might be to confront the instigator violently or just do something to hurt this person. But obviously, this isn’t the best decision to make. In fact, it is the most reckless because it could come back and haunt us later on.
The best step to take in this situation is to IGNORE! This is however applicable only if the instigators and participants don’t have the courage to speak to you directly or accuse you directly. But as long as they keep talking behind your back, they remain there, behind your back.
Yes, it messes with your self-esteem, it is disheartening when people wrongly accuse you. You could cry if you want to but in private. You could express your thoughts and emotions to people or a person you trust and you know would encourage you positively.

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Focus on your job. People take office friendships too seriously. Please don’t. You can establish that when you’re sure you can trust the person to an extent, but generally office friendships don’t really go beyond the confines of the office.

Lastly, do things that make you happy. You know you aren’t this person they have made you out to be, it still hurts regardless. When you occupy yourself with activities that put you in a good mood, your mind becomes relaxed.

If you have in any way engaged in spreading unfounded rumors about a colleague of yours, please put yourself in their shoes and fix up.

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