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My Office Diaries (interview edition)

My Office Diaries (interview edition)

Today’s topic isn’t really about what goes on in the office but the funny things recruiters and job seekers say when asking or being asked a question.😂

There are many many silly answers some job seekers give to questions from recruiters especially when they don’t know what else to say.
This usually happens when you’re asked if you have any questions about the company. Or you’re asked to talk about yourself. This question has led many recruiters into knowing the history and ancestry of some naive job seekers.

This is a fun post designed to make you laugh and keep you happy all evening. Here’s one experience from a job seeker many years ago:

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Interviewer: What are your plans for the next 5 years
Interviewee: get married and have a lovely family😩
Like seriously? Well what are yours? Have you given an inappropriate or funny answer to an interview question during your naive years of job search?
Please tell us!

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