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Let’s talk about those bosses who would rather die than be seen as ”human” by their employees. Honestly, this attitude is appalling and gives off unprofessional vibes. It inadvertently means that without being unnecessarily mean and unfair to your employees as a boss, you can’t function properly.

There’s this allegedly formidable manager we had, she has resigned now. I guess because she was the only female in the board of directors was why she always put up a strict and no-nonsense demeanour all the time. The rumor was that if you were in her department and she had to do an appraisal for you, just forget it. She would definitely rate you below average, even though you performed relatively well. And yes! She always kept true to her reputation as someone who was very difficult to work with.


My question is why do some managers do this? Why can’t you be objective when giving appraisals? Especially for new staff. Are you trying to further cement your ”tough” reputation or it’s just something innate?

Dear line managers and bosses, if someone hadn’t given you a chance to do better when you were just starting out your career, you wouldn’t be where you are today. NOBODY has inborn work ethics, we try, fail, learn and get better as time goes on. Why then would you want to purposely make work difficult for someone who is just starting out because you’re trying to supposedly toughen the person up? This is a childhood issue in my opinion. If our parents showed us affection physically and unashamedly, we would be better humans. Some African parents would do all sorts of inhumane things to their kids in the name of ”love”.

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Being nice to your employees and putting their growth first would never bring your company down. Neither would it take a dime from your pocket. If you’re an employer that has to purposely make work difficult for your employees in the name of making them strong, please fix up!

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