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How do you guys feel about your coworkers following you on social media?

Many people do not entertain their coworkers on their social media for obvious reasons like the huge difference between their lives on SM(Social Media) and their attitudes in the office. For others especially those in authority, they do not want any room for ”see finish”(disrespect).

I remember viewing this particular Tech CEO as a mini-god and superhuman. He had achieved so much in such a short period of time, important people spoke highly of him and he was literally a well of knowledge on different matters. Until I started following him on Instagram. Lol. No, this didn’t reduce the respect I had for him, it just showed me that he is human and his life doesn’t revolve around his academic qualifications.

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I also realized that these people we look up to so much and think highly of will one day not meet our ”expectations” of them. And it will be fine because they’re humans too and are allowed to be goofy and silly and make mistakes.

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Another group of people do not see anything wrong in being friends with your colleagues on Social Media. Some say it even brings them closer as a team.

Well, if you’ve had any experience that made you decide to either want your colleagues on your social media or deny them all access to it forever, please share with us in the comment section.

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