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Have you experienced office bullying? Like some self-acclaimed “high” staff outrightly and obviously looking down on those below their pay grade.

This happens a lot of the time. Especially in organizations where the difference in pay between contract and full staff is huge. Or when an organization values IQ over EQ and have a glaring bias towards staff who have shitty attitudes but meet and surpass set targets. It also happens when your staff is made up of people who were hired based on ”connection”, rather than merit.

So here’s one lady’s experience with office bullying:

”For context, the salary difference between a contract staff’s and a full staff’s is really huge. The latter is 3 times the former. So obviously people in my department (sales) had to deal with side talks and condescending looks from others.

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This particular lady was transferred from one of the high and mighty departments to ours to join us as we were three men short. This didn’t affect her salary, but it caused her to think she was coming to assist our line manager in ”heading” our department. Meanwhile, our line manager already told us she was coming to join us as a team.

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Long story short, this lady once called a meeting and talked down on me, because I refused to acknowledge her as our head. She threatened to show me, sent series of mails using really strong words to describe me.

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I guess that was the last straw because she faced a disciplinary panel and was issued a query for what she did.”

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