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So today’s topic is about office friendships and cliques. Have you guys ever had a friend you met at work and you both clicked and you feel like you’ve known the person for years? Do you take your office friendships to heart or it ends at the office gate?

Office friendships aren’t generally encouraged because of the politics some individuals love playing in organizations. Some would notice you’re performing well, get close to you only to act as a liaison between you and your way out of the organization. Others might want to smear your name. Organize a campaign of lies against you.

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It could be the flip side. You could meet the entire love of your life at your workplace or even that best friend you never knew you had. Sometimes it’s our friends at work that show up for us when we desperately need someone to. Our friends at the office crowdfund for our birthdays, weddings, health issues, and even send-offs.

Whatever experience you’ve had with office friendships or relationships is valid and whatever sentiments, whether positive or negative is most definitely real because people’s experiences differ.
After interviewing a few individuals, many of them agree that everything should be balanced. Foster healthy relationships with your colleagues and make sure you earn their trust and respect. This is because in life, we need people. People who would speak for us or put in a word for us. This is very key when we’re moving up the career ladder.

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Lastly, sharpen your instincts to discern whether a certain friendship is for you or against you. Their countenance around you, their reactions and facial expressions when you announce your good news to them. All of these matter.

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