Have you ever encountered the ”oversabi” colleagues? Those colleagues that do the most. You could confide in one person about your grievances, next thing is a mail from HR wanting to see you to talk about what he/she hear from so-and-so.

Let’s gist. Have you ever had any experience like that?

Let me start with mine:

So I just got into this popular company with four other guys. The job was a kind of job where you have to latch on to any and everybody to refer you to show they can.

As a newbie who was under probation and whose major concern was to meet targets and impress employers, I was awfully quick to make new friends in the office. That’s how I met Jane.

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Funny enough I wasn’t that naive as to have ”juicy office gossip” with Jane. But Jana was the one who started bringing this ”gists” my way. Problem 1!

She knew who had an affair with who, who blocked who’s promotion, who made sure employees were out of jobs or retained their jobs, who had the nastiest attitude! So one day, I slipped. I had a certain opinion about our HR, which was true because I wasn’t the only one. So I told Jane.

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Next thing I knew, I was in the HR’s office, denying vehemently everything I totally said! Whew! Of course it didn’t get me laid off, but it did get me a very loud and obvious look of disdain everyday I crossed paths with the HR.

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Well, I learnt my lesson and started keeping my bitter opinions to myself.

Let’s hear yours!

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