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Our spotlight today is on Customer Care Executives, Marketers and anyone who deals with Nigerian customers on a daily basis.

I am very sure many of you have had funny experiences with your country men and women either on the field or on the phone or at receptions. Please give us the scoop (names of customers and companies withheld of course) and let’s all try and understand what. CSOs are going through this rainy afternoon.

Let me start with this one.

“There was a time our website was down in the company and we had many clients calling in and expressing their frustrations. This particular client was however very persistent.

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So we have certain “white lies” we tell some clients when there is nothing we can do about the general issue. Just like when your bank has to upgrade their systems, network is usually shitty. But you know Nigerians, they won’t understand once money is involved.
Anyway, after carefully calling and chatting with different customer care agents, this client finally decided to let loose on my call.
He began by accusing every customer care agent of “dribbling” him and trying to run off with his money. Then questioning my competency.

Long story short, the call was transferred to our supervisors and oga forgot what he was complaining about and started stating all the ”wrong I did to him”, on the call which was monitored too.

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Some clients are just there to stress you.”
– A Customer Service Executive in a Gaming Company.

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