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Have you ever worked as a contract staff in an organization? Especially banks and Insurance Companies? If yes, did you notice/experience the huge classist atmosphere in such organizations?

This exists! It’s more common than you think and the funny thing is that this condescending attitudes usually come from the full/confirmed staff, not even the heads or managers.

Someone wrote somewhere, “Nigerians are too classist and Elitist for people who are incredibly poor”. Deep.

Some common experiences of contract staff in organisations are:

  1. Larger amount of work, smaller salary. Some companies don’t even hire contract staff themselves, they use the services of recruitment agencies who in turn have their own cut out of their salaries.
  2. Lack of information: HRMs are very guilty of leaving out contract staff when passing important information via mail. This doesn’t make any sense.
  3. The constant threat of losing your job if targets aren’t met.
  4. Unmet promises of being converted to full staff. There is a particular company on this table! They will tell you 6 months after being a contract staff, you will be confirmed. Some are still contract staff 3 years after.
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Contract staff are human too. They wouldn’t settle for a position where they have to do the same amount of work with someone else who earns 4/5 times their salaries.

How you treat people says a lot about your character and judgement. Do better.

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