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First of all, Happy New Month everyone!

Today we’ll be addressing flirting and romance in the workplace.

If a group of people were asked about their office flirts, I am sure everyone would have at least one person in mind in their different organizations. This shows how common and ”normal” office flirting has become. The worst of it all is when it’s between a boss and an employee.

There is a company that has a very notorious flirt. The guy moves to EVERY available lady, including the not-so-obvious married women. And it’s so obvious that everyone knows and talks about it, but he is still going strong in the game. Don’t even get me started on a particular gender in a particular industry in Lagos. These ones even go the extent of almost harassing young ladies who only want to ”disrupt the norm”.

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If you’re a male or female who has almost always been a target for unrepentant flirts, that is, if you walk into an office at least one person is likely to flirt with you, here is what you can do:

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You can either accept (no judgments) or decline firmly. The best thing to do to this kind of people is to not entertain them in any way. Yes, give someone you’re meeting for the first time a benefit of doubt, but as time goes on, the person’s true character unfolds. Give them space. Stand your ground. Make sure you’re not trying to make enemies of anyone. Be gentle yet firm.

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Then, if you’re a chronic flirt, don’t you think its time you properly address the real issue you have for which you’re using your ”flirtatious ways” to cover up? Could be that you crave a lot of attention denied you during your formative years, or trauma from a past love that left you feeling less of yourself. Whatever the issue may be, recognize that there is a problem first of all. Then up your self-esteem by hanging around people who genuinely love you, positive affirmations, doing things you love and you’re good at. Beforehand, all the attention you thought you couldn’t do without wouldn’t matter anymore.

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