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Making a career switch

Making a career switch

Have you ever tried so hard to do your job, but you seem to not be getting any headway? Have you been considering switching to another industry or job role that fit your abilities?

Well, switching careers is usually exciting and tasking at the same time but your motive matters a lot. For example, some people accept a job offer for lack of any other opportunity at that point in time, then along the line, they become frustrated with the job. If you feel like this now, maybe it’s time for you to consider a career change.

Before you dive back into the job market, please make sure you have equipped yourself with the necessary skills needed to excel in your new career path. Times have changed and each year, new trends come up in different industries. Keep yourself abreast of what’s happening in your dream career path and do the needful.

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Have mentors. This cannot be overemphasized. It is very helpful and important that you have someone you look up to. It doesn’t have to be the very affluent and unavailable ones. Our country has made it mandatory to make sure one has someone who can put in a good word for him/her where it matters.

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Lastly, be positive. Attend seminars and networking sessions. Make yourself available for any opportunity to meet people. Most of these sessions are usually free. Do not underestimate anyone too.

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  • Paths of the considering factors in swiching careers in addition are:
    1Career foresight. Beyond being passionate about a profession, imperative you align your passion with possibility. What does the future holds for my planned profession? Some careers or professions will be outlive buy technology, changing pace, economic peculiarity and needs.

    Thank you

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