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Learn how to show up

Learn how to show up

Happy New Week everyone!
It’s one thing to be an employee and it’s another thing to be a valuable employee.

How often do you show up? By showing up we mean, making yourself available for little responsibilities that may be outside your job description? For example your company is organizing an event and might need hands in distributing fliers or sending out invites or transporting refreshments or logistics. Do you participate or just shrug and tell yourself that it isn’t part of your job?

Sometimes you look at your fellow employees who always seem to be in the good books of the ”powers that be” and you wonder what they always do to have these people approve of them. Well, they always show up. They try to involve themselves in company activities especially when it involves networking because they may not know who they could meet.
Showing up doesn’t mean deliberately putting others down just to show that you want to be noticed. It’s just a strategic way of doing things especially when you know you definitely need people to get to a certain stage in your career.

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As long as you’re not the owner of a company, everyone aspires to advance in their career and you definitely need your employers and supervisors to actually see that you’re worth it, because it’s not just about your IQ, your EQ also matters a lot, your people skills matter too. An individual who can’t relate with people cannot be given a supervisory position in an organization.
Always learn to show up. Learn to put yourself out there, because nobody will do it for you.

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