It’s almost our Anniversary!

The WorkboothMagazine will be ONE in few days and sincerely you guys have been amazing.

One very essential role we play in the lives of our readers is to instill the sense of belonging. Some workers feel out of place, especially new employees, some have lost their passion and spark, so work feels bland. Others are unfulfilled, it feels like they’re not moving forward. No promotions, no salary increment, no new challenge or task. And in all this there is hardly any platform where you can bare your mind or read relatable stories and now that you’re not alone. This is what The Workbooth magazine has solved.

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By creating a safe space for employees and employees alike to read articles regarding to issues that affect them directly and even get professional advice, The Workbooth magazine has in some way made the ”corporate” world more human and relatable.

Dear employers, your employees are a reflection of you, always treat them right.
Dear employees, do your duties diligently and in good faith, you may not know who is watching.

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