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How to show your clients appreciation

How to show your clients appreciation

As an employee whose job depends on how generous your clients are with their purses, you should learn how to appreciate them once in a while.

These clients could be people of a higher financial class in the society and you might think that they have whatever you can offer in abundance, but the truth is that these people are the ones that appreciate the small gestures more.

So how do you appreciate your clients? How do you get clients to remember you and mention your name when huge deals are at stake? Leave a lasting impression! Here are some ways you can do this:

  • Take genuine interest in their needs: do not ever assume that your client for years can’t patronize your competitor. One careless act can do the trick. No matter how unserious their issues may seem, attend to them.
  • Give them seasonal gifts: could be a meal, a ticket to their favorite movie, a nice perfume, or something thoughtful. They would appreciate.
  • Check up on them: a simple call, text message or email would do the trick. Even if your client is as rich as Otedola or whoever and you think they can afford these things, yes they can but everyone thinks that of them too, so do something different from what everyone around them would do.
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