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How to improve your communication skills

How to improve your communication skills

Having great communication skills is a trait that will get you very far in life especially in your career. Being able to hold a conversation, knowing what to say, when to say it and how to say it and also who to say it to are basically the things you need to learn if you want to have excellent communication skills.

Here are some things you need to know about having the excellent communication skills:

  1. Your Body Language: make sure you’re smiling and maintaining eye contact. Do not fidget or cross your arms. Always maintain an upright posture.
  2. Always LISTEN: many people aren’t good communicators because they do not take the time to listen. You can only respond effectively when you listen attentively. Learn how to listen appropriately and converse accordingly.
  3. Remain professional: don’t try to be too casual in professional relationships neither should you be too up tight as well. Strike a balance.
  4. Make sure you fix up when you mess up. Don’t let your wrongdoing linger. It always ends relationships and destroys trust. Addressing your mistakes quickly and openly makes you a fine communications expert.
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