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How to handle unfair treatment from your bosses

How to handle unfair treatment from your bosses

We have always talked about how employers should be careful and empathetic when dealing with employees because they are human too and have feelings.

Today we are focusing on how employees should react when they perceive unfair treatment from bosses.

Some supervisors and line managers may claim that their reason for obvious unfair treatment towards one or a few particular staff members is to ”toughen” them up. To make them adapt to hardship or perform well under pressure.

As an employee, how do you handle this? Of course you may not know the motive of this person in authority, but you could choose how you react to the situation.

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First of all, make sure you’re doing your stipulated job efficiently, because it may get to an extent where you might be required to take up the matter to the management and your performance would be reviewed.

Do NOT under any circumstance, give off the impression that you’re behaving rudely or talking back at anyone in any position of authority. If you have to object to unfair treatment, do so with the utmost respect, as long as you’re still a staff. For the time being, give honour to whom it is due.

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Make sure you have receipts or evidence of any obvious maltreatment. Sometimes you would need more than just your word against a respected staff of an organisation.

Finally, be patient. Everything under the sun would definitely come out in the open. If you’re sure you can’t cope, file a complaint to management as respectfully as you can while also making sure to carry out your duties diligently.

Your mental health is more important than any kind of treatment you might be subjected to in the name of ”having a job”. Take care of your mind first.

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