How a lady made history with her tech skills

So according to CNN Africa, a 26-year-old from Ivory Coast has won the 2020 Royal Academy of Engineering’s Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation.

This is so inspiring because almost all the time, we emphasize the importance of learning in-demand skills. Skills that could put you on the path to your career and financial breakthrough.

A thriving industry in recent years is the Tech industry and this will remain so for many more years to come. The smart thing to do now while the industry is still growing in Nigeria, is to acquire skills that are relevant. Some of them are Programming, Data Analysis, Digital Marketing, SEO, Graphics Design etc.

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So this young woman, Charlette N’Guessan is the first woman to win the award, which could revolutionize cyber security and help curb identity fraud on the continent. N’Guessan and her team won the £25,000 award (about $33,000) for BACE API, a digital verification system that uses Artificial Intelligence and facial recognition to verify the identities of Africans remotely and in real time.BACE API works by matching the live photo of a user to the image on their documents such as passports or ID card, N’Guessan said.-

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Hope we learnt one or two from Charlette’s victory.

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