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Hot Seat.

Hot Seat.

He hugged me! That was the only thought I had running in my head; what kind of interviewer does that?

The thought of a job interview would easily transmit quivering shivers down one’s spine especially in the case of a fresh graduate, because of the awful tales told by other people about their experience with an interviewer during an interview or maybe a personal experience. Most job interviewers make sure the seat is hot enough making the interviewee tensed and agitated as though it is the scalar unit for measuring competence.

I attended an interview once where the interviewer made sure I was tackled on what I have done (years of experience) rather than what I could offer while constantly rubbing her years of experience in my face, however, I had this one interview where the interviewer welcomed me with a hug and that expelled all the tension built inside of me.

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It is safe to say that the best way to get the best and honest response from a candidate is to make them calm otherwise they go off spewing what they think you want to hear and not what they can do. As an interviewer or recruiter you shouldn’t judge a prospect based on your years of experience especially if it doesn’t match the stated requirement; lookout for the person’s strength and build on that rather than their weakness; never demean a candidate even if he/she isn’t good enough( not good enough for you doesn’t mean good at all) and most importantly point out focal points the candidate can improve on or develop.

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