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Happy New Week

Happy New Week

New Week, New Motivation.

This week, let’s do our best to not jump into conclusions. There is a saying that goes:

”You can’t use a bad market in the morning to judge the rest of the day”.

Some of us quit too easily. Once there is a sign of setback along the way, we quit and change course.

The spice of our success is in the journey. A fact many people fail to recognise. You see a lot of success stories and you think it was achieved without any form of setback along the line. No! These people remained consistent. That’s why it looks like the global wealth is unbalanced. The rich are very rich and the poor are very poor. No visible middle ground.

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Our imperfect human instinct would be to always focus on the bad and lose sight of the goal. This is normal, of a thousand great compliments, our minds tend to focus on that one negative one.

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The people who do not relent and do not let their circumstances define them are the ones who have made something for their lives because they have beat our human nature. They found a way around it and decided that no matter what, they would continue.

That you haven’t gotten a job 4/5 years after graduation doesn’t mean you would never excel at any other thing. You may excel in business or something else. That your mates seem to have their lives together doesn’t mean you can’t level up in a short time, you definitely can!

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Do not let the bad you have experienced determine how the rest of your story would turn out.

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