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Knowledge is never complete, two heads are better than one. – African Proverb

Everyday on the the Workbooth Magazine, we do our best to encourage job seekers to make themselves available to learn as much as they can. There is no knowledge that’s a waste. You just have to learn and learn as much as you can in your chosen career path. Seek as much help as you can.

There are experts in your field, there are baby companies coming up with whom you can intern for a token and learn as much as you can on the job.

One thing is for sure, you need people. You do not need to ENTIRELY rely on people, but you need people to teach you, correct you, guide you and answer your questions when you’re wrong.

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Here are some few tips you can use to get to people who matter:

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  1. Buy their books: if you’re a techie, many tech founders have ebooks they have written and many of these books contain gems which would be useful to you in your career journey.
  2. Attend their events: this may not be useful now as you may not have the opportunity to meet them physically, but virtual events are also a way of knowing the way some of these experts think and what they’ve been through to to where they are right now.
  3. Shoot your career shot using LinkedIn: Great app for individuals who want to make themselves available for positions. With LinkedIn, you can sell yourself perfectly well to the right employer using your profile. Send that DM today!
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4. Always be professional: when you’re in Rome, behave like the Romans. When you have the privilege to meet with HRs, MDs, CEOs and the likes, please coordinate yourself in a professional manner. Don’t be overly friendly, neither should you be uptight.

5. Always read the Workbooth Magazine for life-changing professional tips to help in your career and persona advancement

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