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Happy New Week

Happy New Week

The new week is here and it’s time to definitely get down to business.

One quote everyone should always remember throughout this week is this:

Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of the work you already did.

So we’ve been advising, ”Start that business”, ”Take that course”, ”Do this and that” etc. Now you’ve done it! You’ve finally had enough courage to take that course that would put on a very lucrative and rewarding career path.

But now you have just another work to do. Consistency. Perseverance. Yes, it’s another WORK because it takes a lot of patience and positivity to keep doing something continuously even if it isn’t working out for you at the beginning.

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Have you noticed that sometimes when you look at people’s thriving businesses, especially people who are younger than you, it gives you this feeling of worthlessness. Like why isn’t your own flourishing as fast as theirs did. What we fail to understand is that you’re you and your business IS unique even if you’re into the same line of business as a million other people. Why? Because NOBODY can run it the same way you can. That’s the difference.

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Understanding that EVERYONE is different and therefore would have different results and different seasons is the first step into taking responsibility.

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Perseverance is hard work. But you HAVE to do it. No one can have as much faith in you as you can in yourself. Make sure you’re your FIRST and BIGGEST cheerleader because if you don’t believe in your business and yourself and your career path, there’s no way you can expect others to do the same. That’s just how the universe works.

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