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Gender stereotypes in different industries

Gender stereotypes in different industries

Gender stereotype in the career world would have to do with the practice of one gender having a higher chance of employment in a certain industry.

For example, in Tech why do we have a lot of male job applicants? In Engineering as well, why do we encourage males and not females to pursue careers in tech and engineering?

Ire Aderinokun, lead engineer at BuyCoins Africa stated during an interview that at the beginning of her career as a software programmer, she always had her male counterparts undermine her contributions and ability at work. She had to keep proving herself before they got used to the fact that a female can be as good a programmer as a male is.

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Then we have industries like marketing and sales. You will notice the higher percentage of females in this sector because Nigerians or employers believe that females would be able to ”convince” people to buy a product/service better than their male counterparts. And this is sometimes the reality, because of the stereotype we have built.

How do we get rid of these harmful stereotypes? Simple. Encourage opposite sexes to reach for positions in ANY industry. NO sector is made solely for a particular gender. Every individual seeking a certain career path should be judged based on their abilities and prospects and not their gender.

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Females should take up careers in tech if they so wish. Males should be given the chance to have a career in sales and marketing and even Teaching because it’s what they want to do.

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This should be the norm in the home too. Our patents were taught this mentality from theirs, but we live in a very very different world and we have the opportunity to make things right. We have the opportunity to do things differently and create a better work culture for ourselves and future generations.

Let’s end the stereotypes today!

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