Do you perform well ”under pressure”?

Many individuals list this characteristic as one of their major strengths in their resumés. But what exactly does this mean? Can it actually be regarded as a positive trait?

The truth is, nobody likes being put under undue pressure. Some people could be procrastinators, delaying tasks until the deadline for its completion is close and then they have this sudden rush of energy and inspiration. But being put under pressure is a different ball game.

Imagine you’re a business owner and you have just one staff who doesn’t do things right without you being there to scold or remind them. How would this make you feel? Of course you hired the person to reduce your daily tasks so that you have time to do other things and now it looks like you wasted your rime

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In fact you’re spending more time coaching this employee on the simplest tasks when you could just do them by yourself and relieve the person of their duties.

Apply this to your career as a job seeker. Do you really want your employers or potential employers to form the kind of opinion described above, of you? I think not.

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Do not follow the crowd and include ”working under pressure” in your CV when you do not actually understand what that term entails. Rather highlight your strengths that are of value to the organisation you’re looking to be an employee at. That’s just the secret to acing a job interview. Give them what they want.

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Show your employers the value you’re bringing. Companies hire because they need your skills and your hands to perform those tasks the owners and managers can’t do on their own. Make them believe that they actually made the right hire.

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