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Deciding when to move to another city

Deciding when to move to another city

Whether it’s for a transfer, marital reasons or just a call for a fresh start, moving to another city is certainly not an easy feat. This is because it represents the start of another journey or chapter of your life. Things will not be the same again because no 2 cities have the same vibe or scenery.

There are few things you seriously need to think about and questions you need to give honest answers to before you decide to move. This is in order not to give yourself a wrong foundation and unnecessary expectations from the city you’re moving to. Here are some things you will have to consider before making the big decision:

  1. Determine what’s most important to you: what are your likes and dislikes? Would you prefer a bustling city or a rural area that’s peaceful and quiet? Often times, if you’re just starting out your life, you might want to consider moving to a place that’s vibrant with career and business opportunities. If you’re raising kids, an area that’s relatively peaceful but still gives you access to fun and lively places for the kids might be ideal. And if you’re retiring, rural areas filled with nature may be best for you.
  2. The Cost of living: this is key because it determines how peaceful your stay in a new city would be. You don’t want to bite more than you can chew by spending the greater part of your income on rent and basic amenities while every other aspect of your life suffers.
  3. Climate: this point is usually underrated. Some people could be in a rush to relocate without finding out how a certain city fares during bad weather. Some Nigerian cities fare terribly during the rainy season. Everywhere is in shambles, cars are damaged because of flooding of the major roads, even some houses are not safe as well. Please consider this before moving.
  4. Safety: there is literally no 100% safe city in the country, but some cities offer a certain amount of protection from crime more than others. Find these cities and determine if they’re worth moving to.
  5. Transportation options: some cities are easier to commute than others. Getting from point A to Point C shouldn’t have to be tasking, especially if you don’t have a car yet. Consider cities with enough provisions for commuters and excellent road networks.
  6. Culture and lifestyle: make research on the lifestyle and culture of the cities you’re considering moving to. For example there are some cities whose culture berate women. As a female, you don’t want to move to a city where the men and even women believe that women are lesser beings and should be treated as such. You will definitely regret it. The food, mode of dressing, religious beliefs and general view of life is definitely worth considering before making your big decision.
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