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It is very uncalled for and unfair of you to always pull the ”sack” card as a means of scaring or ”motivating” your staff/team members.

This attitude is mostly seen in line managers that head sales and marketing teams. If a particular staff isn’t meeting his/her set target for a certain period, the next thing they hear is, ”you will lose your job”, or ”I can’t work with you like this”, or ”do you even know why you’re here?”. Why do humans use the slightest opportunity to be condescending? Why do people in positions of authority feel like the best way to motivate an employee is by putting them down or making fun of them?

A certain Line Manager in a very reputable company used to tell the marketing team she leads, that they aren’t needed in the company and that she could do their job by herself and that they only employed them to fulfill all righteousness. Like how do people feel subjecting other humans to this kind of verbal and emotional abuse?


These things mess with people’s minds. We do not even take mental health seriously in this part of the world, so it’s not surprising that employees spend years working in a mentally unhealthy environment in the name of ”man must chop”.

Please, this is a clarion call, for everyone who leads or manages a team in their organization. Be very wary of how you try to ”motivate” your staff to work. These people will keep having grudges and will never ever bring forth good results. Because they aren’t putting their all.

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Instead, they find ways to quickly leave the organisation and you will keep employing others and recycling the same attitude and it keeps going on and on till you find yourself out in the field, doing the job you claimed you could do with no employee.

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Here are other ways you can motivate your employees to buckle up and work harder:

  1. Reward the ones who meet their targets: when others see this, they will definitely be motivated to do more.
  2. Find out the issues they are facing: many marketers face all sorts of issues in the field. From abuse to harassment to clients who promise and fail, and so many others. Ask and profer a solution for them. That’s why you’re the manager.
  3. Training: we know this incurs a lot of expenses but you started somewhere as well and some of these trainings helped you too. Why not avail the newbies the resources they need to perform well on the field.
  4. Be present and approachable: be the leader whose team can always come to for any sort of advice or help. Don’t give off mean vibes. You can join them on the field at least once a month, so you can see firsthand, how they represent the company outside and make corrections where necessary.
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