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Credit Theft

Credit Theft

There is nothing more infuriating than one taking credit for a task you did, especially if you gave it your all at least to me and we all have at one point or another being caught in this tango. Haren Dillion said “We want to believe that our work speaks for itself, but in the real world it matters who gets the credit,” because your work speaks loudly of the value you bring into an organization and this is a determining factor in promotion decisions, salary raises, and assignment of a task. In collaborative task it is hard to say who got the job done which gives room for credit to be stolen and you are angry I can relate, but its an official environment and you cannot explode  how then do you manage the situation:

  • Take time to calm down: If you’re emotionally piqued it’s not the time to talk about it, neurologically your mind is not working at its best and you may want to throw tantrums and even get out-argued. Take a moment to blow off and don’t let it stew for so long.
  • See the brighter side of the situation: Take a minute to assess the severity of the situation and give the credit stealing colleague the benefit of doubt. The act might not have being intentional  Or it might not be as egregious as you initially thought.
  • Ask questions: when you are calm and in control of your emotions approach the colleague and a constructive conversation. “well-done jack, you did a great job there. I couldn’t help but noticed you kept using the word I throughout the presentation, don’t you think it defeats the purpose of collaborative work?” A conversation like this would help pinpoint to the person your displeasure in not given credit for your part played and also sets boundaries to prevent it from happening again without being aggressive or creating undue tension.
  • Be an example: It is only logical to do to people what you want them to do to you, so give people credit for their work especially in a collaborative setting that way you make them understand how important it is to you.
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What if after you do all these the credit stealing habits doesn’t stop, tell me in the comment session below what else would you?

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