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Checkpoint: How to let the vapor out of the pressure pot

Checkpoint: How to let the vapor out of the pressure pot

“Can you work under pressure?” This is one of the most common questions asked in almost every work interview and truthfully no matter how flexible your working schedule is there always comes that point when there is so much work and so much less time. It is safe to say at some point 24hours becomes so little and not enough to execute assigned tasks, and it is normal to feel pressured.

However how we respond to this pressure is the major determinant of a work-life equilibrium, and these are amazing ways you can manage pressure at work:

Start with the important

If it is too much to handle at a go, don’t stress just starts by breaking things down into steps or process and determine what comes first, then make a “feasible” to-do list and follow the list carrying out one process at a time.


Keep to threshold

The major pressure stressor is people’s demands from us, and one amazing way to manage pressure is to set boundaries and stay within the threshold. For example, don’t read emails after bedtime, keep your phone away during dinner, tell family members about your task timeline, and ask for their support, take a break in between.

Give Healthy Responses 

 Bad habits come easy when under pressure: eating and drinking unhealthy things, consuming too much caffeine, not sleeping, not exercising, and generally not taking care of ourselves at all. We can’t fight fire with fire, taking care of yourself when you’re under pressure gives you more energy and helps you focus. Make sure you’re eating fresh, healthy food like lean proteins, vegetables, and healthy carbs, drinking lots of water, and setting aside some time to exercise. Taking some time to meditate at the beginning and end of each day also helps clear your mind, spend time with friends and family, etc. You will handle pressure with more focus and grace if you cultivate healthy responses to stress, and make sure to take care of yourself.


Get recharged

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We are the first human before professionals and we can’t stay on the treadmill forever. It is therefore important to take some time of the stretchy work hours to recover and return from the elastic point. One can recharge by taking a nap, taking a walk, seeing a movie, etc.

Ask for help

If you are in a position of authority now would be a good time to delegate some task to subordinates or colleagues, visit a therapist if under personal pressure, ask questions on an easier way to carry out your task.

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Let’s talk about your work pressure and how you try to handle it in the comment session below.

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