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CHECKPOINT: Beating the redundancy margin

CHECKPOINT: Beating the redundancy margin

After the first wave of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the next wave of trouble originated in the workplace where there was serious downsizing with hundreds of millions of people left unemployed. Amazingly the wave passed through almost every sector and level in every organization so it didn’t matter whether you are a manager or a janitor, the value employees bring to the organization was weighed.

The point of redundancy is reached when an employee over a long period of time is unable to be innovative, creative, or productive especially in transition periods. After the pandemic wave digitalization became the new normal and most organization didn’t have the luxury of training their employees to adapt to the change, so employees who couldn’t keep off were kick-off. How then do you beeat the redundancy margin;

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Go the extra mile: anyone can do what you are doing, so if you want to be indispensible do the extra work and make sure that the extra work is noticeable. They want 100% why not give 110%.

Share what you are good at: The good book says” a man’s gift makes room for him”, what better way to ace in your space than to help people you work with do those things you are super good at, that way you make these contributions noticeable without bragging about it. Be careful not to do this at the expense of your work.

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Don’t be hermit: Being odd wouldn’t get you indispensable rather it places you miles away from other team members and teamwork is a core value in every organization. Attend organization meetings, group discussions, dinners, etc, ask intelligient questions, engage and contribute to chats but be careful not to gossip.

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Self improvement is key:  You can’t do things the way everyone else is and expect a different result, the best way to remain productive and relevant is to perform a regular self-evaluation, check new ways people out there are doing what you are doing, learn new skills and improve on existing skills, network, take up professional courses, research on forecasted challenges that mighhht hit your industry and prepare yourself to be an asset when it happens, etc.

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Tell me how the change in the corporate and business world affected you and how have you being able to cope and intend to be better in the coming year, right there in the comment section below.

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