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Career mishaps you should be wary of

Career mishaps you should be wary of

Many times in life, we find it difficult to rekindle that zeal and passion we once had at the beginning of our careers. This usually happens when we have landed our dream jobs or started businesses fully. This particular moment is where we are most vulnerable to career pitfalls.

When we suddenly start delivering low-quality services and complacency becomes the order of the day, we have succeeded in dragging ourselves back to where we started our careers from.

Here are some Career mishaps you should be on the lookout for:

  1. Making unrealistic promises: do not become overconfident to the extent that you start making promises you know you won’t be able to fulfill. For example, a certain job takes at least a week to be done properly, but you go ahead and tell the client to give you 2/3 days. When you’re unable to meet up, it becomes really difficult for others to trust that you will deliver on time.
  2. Losing sight of your career goals: what were those goals you hoped to attain 2/3 years after landing your dream job? Do you still remember them or you have decided to become relaxed with your current position and not purse something bigger? Being over comfortable in one position makes your job become boring to you and then resentment sets in.
  3. Burning Bridges: this one cannot be overemphasized. As long as you’re not directly hurt by a boss or person in authority, please accord them respect, even if you detest their character. You always need people especially the ones in high places for your career advancement.
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