Titilope Fakuade

Titilope is the first female Chief Information Officer (CIO) of MTN Liberia and oversees the Information Technology systems. She is a seasoned CIO with a wealth of experience, spanning over 18 years in highly competitive markets, with 14 of those years spent within MTN group. She has a proven track record in IT Leadership and has delivered numerous new and exciting value propositions to maintain market leadership. She joined MTN in 2006 and held various positions over the years from being an Engineer to becoming the CIO of MTN Liberia. Her mantra is value creation, she has consistently added value through technology and has empowered her teams to aspire to greatness. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Physics from Obafemi Awolowo University Nigeria, MBA from the University of Wales. Additionally, she has completed courses on digital disruption and sustainable business strategy from IMD Business School & Harvard Business School Online

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