Adefunke Soyibo

Mrs. Adefunke Oluyemi Soyibo is a Business Executive and Entrepreneur. A versatile entrepreneur with over 15 years’ experience in managing the growth of a business from conception to actualization using operational goals and business activities to guarantee revenue and profitability. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sociology and has attended several trainings, courses, and seminars on best practices in Interior design. She is widely traveled and this gives her a bird’s eye view of the latest trends on interior design, furniture styles, and interior space creativity and layout. She has extensive experience in corporate workplace design, residential design, and retail of furniture and other interior accessories. Due to her vast experience, she knows that a good space design and makeup produces creativity, good health, and comfort A good space design makes the space appealing, easier to work or live in and promotes safe wellbeing. She has great people management, communication, and negotiation skills She has been asked to speak in many seminars and workshops about her business acumen and her ideas about the Interior design and Furniture industry.

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