Your Dreams Are Valid

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”- Eleanor Roosevelt

What do you want to become in twenty years from now, Miss Elizabeth asked me.

A Banker, I replied, with so much light in my eyes. This was because I felt bankers owned all of the money in the bank. A typical 6-year-old would think this way if you ask me.

One of the most exciting things kids do is play dress up for careers they want to pursue in future, which, eighty per cent of the time doesn’t turn out as so. This perfectly explains why the dream of 6-year-old me becoming a banker took a different turn. Things like this don’t happen by chance, they happen solely due to the fact that dreams have a tendency to change as soon as we start experiencing life. And there isn’t one of these experiences that don’t shape us for where we are going.

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As we grow up, so do our avid desires and we ask ourselves, “are my dreams really valid?” Yes! Your dreams are valid. Yes! You can be whatever you want to be. You just have to plan and prepare for it because with proper preparation comes a perfect performance at whatever you set out to do.

Immediately after secondary school, I developed an incline for Diplomacy. Probably because I had closely observed a family member in that field. Despite the fact that my first degree was in English Language and not International Relations and Diplomacy, I kept abreast of happenings on the global stage. After graduating, I got my first job as a Journalist with the largest media organization in Nigeria, News Agency of Nigeria (NAN). Again, this had since secondary school been a dream place to start my career. I decided to pursue a masters degree in Diplomacy and Strategic Studies, at least to get the academic knowledge that will prepare me for the future.

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One year after covering the Entertainment beat at work, I was moved to the Foreign desk and I have served till date as the Foreign Affairs reporter. This role has allowed me to work closely with foreign missions and the United Nations System in Nigeria, by reporting their activities. When I got the news of my new role, I was shocked, scared and felt unprepared at first. How did anyone know I was greatly interested in this? Is this God showing me my dreams are valid? Does this mean I’m on the right track? These and many more questions crossed my mind. But, as soon as I got some time alone, I got a nudge telling me, “this is what you’ve wanted all your life…this is your moment to start planning,  preparing and gain some foundational experience for your career in Diplomacy.”

It dawned on me that with each step I took, my dreams started to materialize. Each unravelled step showed me that there is something bigger and better waiting for me at the other end. Every time you notice you’re one step closer to your dream, clap for yourself because those little steps are leading to the peak of your life. Like they say, little drops of water make a mighty ocean.

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The dreaming process, I must say, needs to go on for the rest of our lives because without it comes stagnancy and the lack of desire to move forward. You may ask why you’re at a particular point right now without getting the desired answer. But as time goes by, lines will fall in place and the answers you’ve been seeking will unfold right before your eyes. The world needs you to fulfil that dream God placed in your heart because they are very valid.

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