Where is the Project Manager?

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Today’s world is so given to make believe. With the proliferation of social media there seems to be this pressure to be a part of it all. The corporate world is not left out.  People look good on paper owing to their ability to create a self-styled persona, engage them or put them to the test what happens? Slowly their fissures become visible, and in reality, the game is up!

Lately Project Management has become a buzz word to “fake it” in the corporate world. The “certifications” are as cheap and quick as a meal in a fast food restaurant. You can trust our certification-crazy population to be creative in this context! Which begs the question, why do people feel the need to “fake it”? I dare say it’s because Project Management has proved itself to be indispensable for results. Everyone wants to associate with a winner right? How else do you ensure that what starts finishes, and what you set out to do is accomplished while delivering the intended value and optimising resources? 

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So the question is “Where is the Project Manager?” I’ve got news for you! Everyone is and should be a Project Manager. There is need however to distinguish between Project Management as a life skill and Project Management as a career/profession. Life is full of Projects, so best arm yourself with skills to succeed at it! When our colleagues in the Western World start teaching their children Project Management from the tender age of 6, then you know something is up. So let’s examine the concept of a Project. Anything that has a “start” and “finish” is defined as a project. So visualize in your mind’s eye, one such endeavour as we go along. And as sure as the sun will shine, you will allocate a finite set of resources to this venture, be it funds, time etc. And you will (or should) have a clear outcome that you wish to achieve at the end of the set time. Regardless of our bias we all are project managers of life’s projects!

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Within a broader framework, consider Project Nigeria. Our beautiful country divinely gifted with an abundance of natural resources. As citizens we should be concerned and hold our leaders accountable for how the Nigerian Project is being executed? If we have no idea of the parameters that define a good project and by extension good governance, how can we hold ourselves responsible on the one hand and our leaders accountable on the other? Shall we continue to exist in this state of “disorder” and blame the “government” out of convenience? I daresay it’s time for real change. It’s time to hold our neighbour accountable for their conduct in the public. It’s time to address corporate bullying and subjugation of employees and citizens in the work and general public. From the local government to the state representatives, and up to the national level it is of utmost importance to engage. This in itself is the beginning of the Project Nigeria that guarantees the welfare of its citizens.

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We must all believe that Project Nigeria, can be accomplished. We all need to look beyond the present and work towards the future we desire. This is where the Project Manager is!

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