What Is The Future Going To Be Like In Africa?

“We can never move Africa forward, if we don’t begin to see ourselves as the solution to the problems we are facing”

Abdulameen Anjola Ademola-Osinuga (Founder/CEO Inspired Leadership Group)

The world is particularly concerned today on what the future is going to be like in Africa generally. Many have made predictions and analysis of what is going to happen or not. In as much there is tension rising in this regions, It is now time for the youths who are the next generation of leaders to take control of power to answer these analyses of what they want and what they don’t want.

There is high tension and problems in Africa as we speak. But we want the region to move forward. The truth is that “we can never move Africa forward if we don’t begin to see ourselves as the solution to the problems we are facing”. It implies that we have to take ownership of our continent as this is something that no one should do for us today.

We can take ownership if we can start towards addressing the kind of leaders that we elect to rule us in our offices across the world, through knowing their strength and weakness of what they want to offer if elected to the position. Their attitude towards Governance and developing solutions has been checked to see they have taken the right steps towards creating the future and restore normalcy to the development. Our actions as the people also matters a lot through the speeches and the kind of steps we make towards developing our countries for the benefit of the entire continent. This has to do with within and outside the African Continent.  

Africa is a great continent blessed with so many resources. We need to change the thinking of the International Community by us working towards we are going to part of the solution towards tackling poverty and education starting from our communities to our countries with the hope of us planning to impact the lives of people in the society.

In line of this, we need to see ourselves as people who are able to create jobs and sustain our environment using our skills to create innovation which would help aid the rapid increase of employment in the society in order to reduce the rate of unemployment in our continent.

In order to address the future of Africa, We need to focus our attention on the infrastructure and electricity that is happening around our countries within Africa. It is time to open up to the government towards them understanding the fact. They need to stop taking our money for their corrupt activities. They need to use it to develop these things and maintain them.

The future is not promising to anyone to everyone around us.  But we need to see ourselves as someone who can take responsibility and make decision of what they want to be in life. Time is ticking every second as it doesn’t wait for anyone or anything in our environment. 

This is the best way we can say that we are changing the narrative of the future of Africa which I am sure can be predicted in an excellent manner of how our future would look like.

Finally, I believe that “Africa Future is in our hands” as this is the right time we must take it from the international community and ensure that we are able to build as well structured it in a methodical manner.

Thank you.

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