Wearing The Leadership Mantle

Leadership is the tireless pursuit of wisdom. Leadership involves more than one person though sometimes people talk about self-leadership. It is commonly agreed that you cannot be a leader without a group of people following you. A famous proverb clearly highlights that he who thinks he is a leader but has no-one following him he is merely taking a walk. This compels the leader to think deeply about people. As a leader, you must have a group of people having their trust in you and you need to fortify yourself by keeping up with the latest leadership trends, observing other leaders and recognizing that your own unique brand of leadership will change as you gain experience. A leader must be a knowledge-seeker and well-informed in order to succeed. Knowledge-seeking is not a subject for negotiations in any discipline including leadership.

Vision in leadership is the central point of call. Vision is simply seeing before others see, so argues John Maxwell, a leadership expert. Money can be likened to leadership. Money never belongs to one person but to everybody. You cannot claim ownership of it because it is being held on trust. The same money will be passed over to someone else. Leadership too is held on trust because it can be taken away and be given to others. This is true and involves not only corporate, political or dynasty leadership including entrepreneurship leadership. Relay race and leadership are synonymous and can be considered as birds of the same feathers. If one needs to be an effective leader, he or she needs to have an abundance mindset. One needs to be put in places where he or she gets inspired. Connect with people who can lift your sights to see the invisible. As a leader you need to grow everyday by among other things reading new materials daily, asking for advice from people both professionals and non-professionals, listening more to what different types of people say on the subject matter, interpreting what people say and do, asking God to send the right people.

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There are many possibilities in front of a leader and the challenge is to identify and make a choice. As a leader, you will always hear many things. You will always feel, do, say and learn many things. But it is what you remember at the time you should that makes you exceptional. The reason why so many leaders are not successful is because they just know things in their field of play and deliberately avoid knowing about other fields which usually have impact on their daily lives especially human resource management including economics, investments, wealth creation, climate change and many others. Further, he must understand financial implications of employing people and its impact on the organization. However, as you go deeper in the maze of life, you realize that leadership is a special ingredient in your life journey and is about people. You will come to realize that several subjects in the life journey are intertwined. Suffice to say that there are certain subjects which are basically universal to everybody. If you want to become a strategic player in any leadership position, you need to know more things about human behaviour.

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The more you know, the more you connect with people from different cultures and professional orientation. Stop thinking small but start thinking big. The world has no respect of where you come from but what you know and you can honestly contribute in getting the job done. What value are you adding to the world as you stand now? What legacy will you leave when you are gone? If you are oblivious to what is highlighted above you need to change so that you chart a new path in your life journey. If you are a leader, you need to listen more. Be flexible and wise. A leader needs to have advance attraction. He or she needs to be creative meaning that there is an answer for every challenge to be encountered. Finally, a leader needs to develop a process. As John F. Kennedy once said, “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” He who thinks he knows it all, therefore is not fit to lead, for leadership is learning and learning is leadership.

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