We are Hiring! Our Measure of Productivity is Not Money!

‘You are welcome to our office, dear candidate. We are hiring! Our measure of productivity is not money. Our productivity is more than money. What is our indicator?’

Every organization is in business because of productivity. Back to basics, productivity is the output generated relative to the resources involved in the productive process. Outside of productivity, it is not an organization but an ‘un-organization’. The public sector, the private sector, and what we call, the third sector, are all in business for productivity.

‘Did I hear you say, the third sector, what’s that?’

The third sector has been so coined to represent productive organizations that are not set out for the clear purpose of making material profit. They are not government-owned interests. Rather, they are independently-owned concerns plus they are not seeking money as their ‘regular’ endgame. They need money, they seek money but not as the end. Money, for them, is a means to an end.

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‘There you have it! Did my clues lead you anywhere?’


Yes, that’s who we are. We are called not-for-profit organizations. We include charities, co-operatives, and community groups, et al. We are a critical part of the economy. In fact, we pride ourselves as the fulcrum of any productive economy because where the big two cannot reach, we go there. The money we seek and make is targeted at making social impact. We, not-for-profits, are in business for productivity.

‘Make no mistake, please!’

Call us ‘not-for-profit’ but we are ‘not-for-loss’ either. At the end of the year, we present our statement of financial position, and some more, we present our social impact stories.

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‘Now, you can have our job!’

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