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I have been part of most of the editions of this global magazine in the past year. And it’s been a thrilling (or like we say in local parlance a ‘jollof’) journey, one I would like to continue.

From the Caring Organization to the Digital Organization to the HR organization to the Mission Organization to the Learning Organization to the Enterprise Organization and now ‘Going Global’, playing a role in a ‘digital publication that focuses on the policies, practices, and issues that affect employees, organizations, and other stakeholders’ is big deal. Weighty or infinitesimal, large or small, in spite of or because of, the stories are making an impact.

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‘My life in e-, how I gained an important skill thanks to a disappointment, how I came into non-profit, come and read my big enterprise story’ are a couple of my own contributions. I have told my story with vim, verve, and vigor to a global audience. But writing these stories I sometimes feel like ‘does this worth anybody’s 2-minutes, will someone ever read this, am I making sense at all’, yippee, it is been from one level of impact to another.

Does your job seem thankless?

Does it feel like you are just hanging in there?

Do you suppose nobody appreciates what you do?

Snap out of the despair zone.

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Do what you know to do. Keep at it when no one and everyone is looking at you. Do it well and with the will.

‘Rather be a fraction in 100 than a 100 in zero’, let it guide you as you go…iiiing global!

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