Transform Your Team Using Lego Bricks!

Yes, Lego Bricks are traditionally known as plastic building blocks children have been playing for almost a century, building whatever their imagination throws upon them (and painful for adults stepping on them in living rooms!) however over the years, these colourful plastic bricks have found their way into corporate board rooms and headquarters all over the world. Developed specifically for adults, Lego bricks are being used to inspire creativity and improve team performance in a fun and original way through the ”meaningful play” concept. In Nigeria, we offer the Bricks4biz team building seminars- a hands-on, minds-on interactive series of exercises with Lego Bricks 

The Power of Meaningful Play Bricks 4 Biz® doesn’t just improve employee motivation. We also help build and identify leadership skills and give team members a chance to improve their trust in one another and themselves. Challenging activities that utilize LEGO® Bricks encourage a sense of fun and create a relaxed environment to deepen understanding, sharpen insight and create connections. Bricks 4 Biz® meaningful play will guide the way into open and honest thought exchanges. 

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Why Bricks 4 Biz®? 

LEGO® Bricks uniquely encourage creative thinking and help employees break out of their comfort zones by focusing on problem solving and pushing them to think outside the box. Bricks 4 Biz® team building seminars take place in half a day, typically about 3 – 3.5 hours. We’ll meet with you, your management staff or HR team beforehand, and take you through a series of questions to determine the areas where your team could most benefit. On your scheduled day, one of our trained facilitators will provide all the tools needed for a successful session of fun and team building, and lead your team through a series of exercises, complete with LEGO® Bricks

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Why Team Building?

Better communication increased morale and trust–and most of all, fun–can all come out of a half day of team building activities. We offer a variety of activities utilizing LEGO® Bricks that are tailored to your team’s needs to facilitate the best outcome. Empowering your employees to work together, to engage in creative problem solving and to apply leadership skills all result in a happier, more productive work environment. 

Bricks 4 Biz® also offers a great opportunity to unite teams that are spread out across the country – or the building. Our unique setting will help co-workers that may only know each other via electronic means come together, leading to stronger communication and trust. 

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Expect These Results Bricks 4 Biz® team building exercises can expose existing issues in team dynamics and work to improve overall morale and communication. 

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