The Taste of Success

When you receive a congratulatory mail, what is the first thing that crosses your mind? “Yaaaay, I made it” or “Wow, how did I make the cut? I’m not even that good”.

Sometimes, we feel unworthy of certain accomplishments we record because our minds have placed a limit on our self-belief. We work as hard as we can, toil day and night for either a contract, business deal, scholarship or even an exam because of the end goal we have in mind. Success. But nonetheless, that little voice whispers, making us doubt our capacity and capabilities. It is time to get rid of those belittling voices. You worked hard to get to the point you are right now and it’s only appropriate that you celebrate yourself and enjoy every bit of the phase.

Learning to celebrate every win no matter how minute it may seem not only boosts your confidence but also creates room for more opportunities. I say this boldly because I know firsthand, the benefits of celebrating each level of accomplishment. I remember shying away from being celebrated at a point in time. I gave myself the excuse of not wanting to be in the spotlight. But does a goldfish have a hiding place? No matter how modest you think you are, succeeding at your tasks gives not only a sense of pride but also, bigger wings to fly.

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However, the definition of success varies from one individual to the other rather than the generic meaning that the society has attached to it(materialism and/or fame). At this point, it should be noted that success does not happen overnight. It is the combination of different elements that work together for your good. A mango seed does not start producing fruits the day it’s planted. It first adapts to the soil, germinates then is pushed by a force into the open. Agriculturists can explain this better. The same process applies to you, you are a seed and you must grow to your fullest potential. Your chances of succeeding are limited if you fail to put in the required work. This is where your Focus and Perseverance will be tested.

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Success is defined by what you aspire to be and the kind of life you see yourself living. To a student, success is scoring straight A’s on tests after nights of preparation. To a footballer, success is being able to train consistently, in turn, leading his team to victory. A businessman records success when he’s able to close a million-dollar deal. To a teacher, success can mean producing high-class future leaders. To the petty trader, it’s a different definition entirely and so is it to me. The experience of each individual is unique to him/her and no one else can have a taste of it.

I’ve had lots of delicacies that left me dumbfounded when it was time to describe their tastes. Imagine trying to describe how “enthralling” the most common meal among Yorubas, “Amala” tastes to a Russian who has never left the shores of his country. Your guess is as good as mine. Such taste is unique to the individual experiencing it at each point in time and the same applies when you try to describe how fulfilled a particular achievement of yours makes you.

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No matter how old you are, where you are from, how much money you have, or what your social status is, there is an unexplainable feeling that comes with each record of success. We all look forward to such an experience. Does this explain why we all want to be surrounded by successful people? According to a psychologist, Dr. Albert Bandura’s social behavioral theory called Social Cognitive Theory (SCT), “human survival depends on the emulation of the successful actions of others”.

You attract success as a result of who you have become and the group of people you choose to surround yourself with.

How does success taste to you? To me, it tastes like focus, and my network.

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