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So i know i promised i was going to share why people are critical for any organization in this new episode, I just couldn’t pass on the opportunity to quickly share lessons from project we just finalized. 

Being an entrepreneur requires that you pay attention to the lessons that may come your way in the course of doing business…whether you want to or not. 

One of such lessons I’ve learnt came from a recent project. Let me fill you guys in.. . 

So a client approached my agency to handle an activation on their behalf (I hope you guys remember it’s part of our offering at Teras Doxas), and after the prelims, we got down to business. 

Seeing as they wanted a little over 19, 000 (Nineteen thousand) downloads in 4 weeks, I knew we had to get all hands on deck immediately. 

And so I got my team to put a larger team of ambassadors together, trained them and got them ready for the job. 

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And then the issues began: the client was not expediting deliverables on their end, which affected the start date. This resulted in the project starting two weeks after the initial kick-off date. 

However, that kind of setback only did little to dampen our spirit; we forged ahead with the project and began our activations. 

Only a few days into the project, a technical issue arose that only the client could fix. And so we reached out to them, hoping this could be resolved within 24 hours, so that work wouldn’t have to stop. When we didn’t hear back from the client, we sent word again the next day. What should have been resolved within 24 hours took another 8 days, and we literally had to run after the client to acknowledge the issue. 

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Even after acknowledgment, no solutions were preferred, forcing us to ask our field ambassadors to stop working. 

My team and I had a sit-down to figure out the next steps. But before then we knew we had underpriced our offerings and given the time its taking to finish, our profit margins would be totally eroded. So what do we do? Take a walk or forge ahead? If we take a walk, the client relationship follows, if we forge ahead, no profit, client relationship stays. 

As a business owner, you will be faced daily with very difficult decisions and you need to develop values and principles that guides your decision making. For my agency, the following guides our decision making process:

Empathy: We look beyond ourselves. What we do is all about people (employees. Contract staff etc)

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Relationship: For us, relationship is key above profit. 

Experience and Competence: We look for opportunities to build competence and experience so we can leverage for other opportunities. 

Impact: Our entire business model is built on making sure we make lasting and positive impact. 

You must have guessed our decision from the prism of our principles. We forged ahead, finished the project with no profit but with faith that something bigger will come. Doing business is all about taking risks and unpopular decisions but having faith that it will pay-off. 

Am waiting and once it does, you will be the first to hear…. 

And also, our ambassadors are geared up and ready to go,  if you’ve got an app that you need thousands of users for, we’re the guys to speak with. 

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