The second session of the Africa HR Forum HR Insights Series 2021 Organized by iCUBEFARM and the African HR Confederation.

The Africa HR Forum HR Insights Series 2021 sessions are held every third Friday of each month. The first session took place on Friday 15th January 2021 on the topic HR Leadership – Front and Centre of Every Effort to Rise Again “Thriving Again”. The speaker Dr. Alex Granger (Ph.D.) threw more light on Looking back and reflecting (reflect, recommit, re-engage, rethink, and reboot.), taking an honest look at your prevailing status quo, scenario planning (What if…WFH strategy), flexible Goal Setting – Vision, Reality check, Short term goals, Execution, Evaluation, Flexibility).

The Africa HR Forum HR Insights Series 2021 organized in collaboration with the African HR Confederation (AHRC) is designed to provoke creative thinking, anticipation, and proactive planning among HR and People Management professionals so that they are always ahead of the curve and are not caught unprepared but are always ready for the next required step in their strategic and operational roles in 2021 and beyond.

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The HR Insight Series aims at:

  1. Providing valuable and practical guidelines for tackling day to day operational challenges at work as well as in life in general as these two spheres are closely and intricately woven together in today’s world of work
  2. Provoking new thinking about being operational excellent and a strategic partner to one’s organization as an HR and People Management professional.
  3. Challenging HR and People Management professionals to become more internally and externally collaborative, embrace creativity and design thinking in solving HR and business problems, eagerly use networks from across functional areas, sectors, and organizations by utilizing an econ-systems approach to work and life.
  4. Enable continuous professional development and inculcate a learning organization mentality for continuous improvement.
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The next Africa HR Forum HR Insights Series is scheduled for Friday 19th February 2021 at 15:00 GMT+1 on the topic Leading Remotely – Keeping your Team pumped up and engaged. Our speaker for the day Mrs. Mavis Ureke is a doctoral candidate for Psychology of Leadership at William James College USA. An Author, Leadership Coach, International Behavioral Science and Performance Specialist, OD consultant and practitioner with expertise in human dynamics in organizations. She is a multiple award-winning Global Training and Development Leader, Coach, author of several books including: Self-Leadership, Navigating The Rapids and Waves of Life: 10 Lessons to Managing Emotions for Success; Managing Emotions for Financial Freedom and others. Trainer/facilitator and keynote speaker at public and private engagements. Mavis has studied in the Netherlands, Zimbabwe, South Africa and the United States, so has a diversity of experience with a truly global cosmopolitan mindset. She has presented papers at international conferences including Harvard Medical School Boston, Women’s University in Hanoi Vietnam, University of Notre Dame Australia, WASET in Istanbul Turkey

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 To participate to the HR Insights Series 2021, visit  and for any inquiries send an email to

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