The People’s Organization – Creating a Sustainable Work Environment

AXA Mansard Insurance Plc, a member of the AXA Group – a leader in insurance and asset management, with 171,000 employees serving over 105 million clients in several countries, has distinguished itself over the years as an organization that understands the importance of an engaged and connected human resource in achieving company goals.

At AXA Mansard, we have been able to establish a strong connection between our employer brand and employee experience which is critical for boosting talent acquisition, talent retention and competitive advantage in the industry.

The organization is passionate about attracting the best talents in the market, nurturing them through exposure to world-class training and the provision of an enabling environment that supports growth.

The rise in self-employment over the last few years is certainly proof that the business world is on the cusp of an entrepreneurial boom. This means lower unemployment rates and more options for job seekers. As an organization, it is therefore critical, now more than ever, to be an employer of choice whilst creating a fulfilling work environment for both current and future employees.

At AXA Mansard, we are constantly evolving our people’s operations to continue to deliver on employee satisfaction and prepare for the workforce of the future. One of the ways we do this is by maintaining an open and inclusive culture. Our culture is in our DNA and it is replicated in all of us. Our culture is built on our four core values of customer first, integrity, courage and one AXA. 

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The work environment can have a remarkable impact on employee satisfaction and productivity, so it is important for us to maintain an environment where employees are enthusiastic about coming to work every day. We keep ourselves motivated with our shared organizational purpose “empowering people to live better lives” guiding us as we go about our daily tasks and we ensure that every employee understands their role in the fulfillment of this purpose. We allow open communication across various levels and encourage transparency to ensure that every individual within the organization is held to the same standards.

Another way through which we are creating a sustainable work environment is by embracing innovation. We encourage our employees to constantly question and challenge the status quo and be open to new approaches to problem-solving. With the changes occurring in the corporate world and the entry of a new generation of young adults into the workforce, we acknowledge that People’s operations will no longer be business as usual.

A third factor that is critical for a sustainable workforce is the consistent development of employees. An organization is only as good as its employees, so we work to foster an atmosphere of learning and invest in continuously developing our employees. Every employer’s dream is to attract and retain the best talent, but the truth is the best talent will only remain in an environment that fosters their growth and provides opportunities for progression. At AXA Mansard, we encourage and reward competency development in critical business areas. Some of our biggest successes have been our Actuarial Development Program which was launched in 2017 to grow the strength of our internal Actuarial Team, as well as the creation of a Business Transformation Team to help manage the execution of new organization-wide strategic initiatives. We do not ignore the area of soft skills either; regular training on culture, emotional intelligence, and effective communication are conducted to improve interpersonal relations amongst our employees.

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We leverage on the AXA Global Leadership and Talent development program by putting our Hi-potential and Mission Critical employees on short- and long-term assignment programs (local and international) for the necessary exposure, capacity building and learning of current business trends from other AXA entities.

In order to continuously build a healthy workforce and support nursing mothers in maintaining a strong bond with their babies and balancing their homes while achieving organizational goals, we have state of the art creche facilities for babies from 3-months to 1 year at no cost to the staff. In addition, we have an in-house gym facility to keep our employees fit and reduce work-related stress. Our staff in other locations can also use other external gym facilities in key locations nationwide through our HMO partnership.

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We have key women support initiatives to support women in occupying critical positions at the middle and senior management levels. The SHE initiative (Super Hero every day) and work flexibility for staff resuming from maternity leave help in encouraging women to reach their potential at the workplace.

In creating a balanced work environment, we try to build synergy between the personal lives of our employees and the work-life. We have entrenched the AXA Mansard Children’s day fun Fair where children of staff celebrate the children day by visiting our office and workstation and engage in various interesting activities within our premises. We also have the End of year Children Gifts, Two (2) weeks Paternity leave, wedding and bereavement benefits, etc. We have won several awards for our world-class HR practices. 

We understand that the workplace is constantly evolving, and AXA Mansard is committed to championing HR best practices in our market. The organization of the future must be intentional about creating a worthwhile work environment for employees as this will lead to improved employee satisfaction and productivity.

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